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Which factors increase quality in elementary school?

Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

code: 0001

  • Leadership in the educational system has been incarnated in the figure of the principal / headteacher. This person is the executive manager who combines the roles of the manager, leader, teacher, and administrator. Every four years s/he is elected from a body of people named Board. Inside this board are teachers (3), parents (2), and inhabitants from the district elected by the local government). They have the responsibility of developing an educational institution. The principal/headteacher is responsible for the management of the educational institution. This research aims to find opinions and attitudes of principals about open questions: Who is responsible for the quality in the school? What is the purpose of the principal? Does the Board have clear criteria for the elections of the principal? Are principals elected for their genuine competences?
  • Transferring knowledge process_ DIAGRAM

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

    code: 0002

  • Through this diagram author suggests main transformational process for competences they have to be developed through the process of education from national curriculum to the daily work in the classroom.
  • Defining educational development _ DIAGRAM

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

    code: 0003

  • You are starting transformation of your school. Transformation and development are processes. Author gives you clear and useful scheme as a checklist that will help you to reach success.
  • Integrations of pupils with the special needs - light mental retardation in the regular elementary school!

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar, Jadranka Bjelica

    code: 0004

  • In this article, you will be informed about integration process in regular school. This report will encourage you to start thinking broadly about inclusion, individualization and accepting educational differences, you are facing. Report arises from real life and real situations in real elementary school. In this article, you can find answers about dilemmas struggling you.
  • Educational needs of current and potential leaders in non-profit sectors

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

    code: 0005

  • Through the constructed questionnaire (56 items), opinions and attitudes were examined. A sample of examinees (N=24) estimated how offered contents of professional additional education mainly satisfied the quality. They were better satisfied with the quality of additional education outside their working collective. Offered professional additional education had been represented equally from the line of profession, planning, communication skills, guiding, leading and management. They felt lack of additional education in the field
  • Teacher’s educational needs

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

    code: 0006

  • In this research 87 variables in constructed questionnaire were tested on the sample of examinee (N=306) elementary school teachers from Zagreb, region Peščenica. A result indicates educational needs teachers have. Result show the direction for lifelong learning curricula developers.
  • Project approach in tennis modeling

    Author: PhD, Željko Burcar

    code: 0007

  • The top tennis today supposes the perfection of performance in all aspects and especially techniques, strategy and tactics. Every tennis player has his own strength and weakness which in the collision of two players throughout the tennis match can be an opportunity and a threat. In the current management within market situation analyses and company analyses, which is in the market situation and especially during any strategy development planning or operational short-term planning, companies makes SWOT (strengths, weaknesses opportunities, threats) analysis and use the project as a tool for development. If the tennis player's development plan could be comparable to the market situation or the company development plan, it is sure that for the tennis players' development plan we can use appropriate project principles. At the same time, the project approach used in the modern management can be used in the game concept, game tactics, techniques teaching and planning, programming and controlling of training sessions. Key words: SWOT, project approach, tennis techniques, strategy and tactics, game concept.

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